Your Image Coach

Libby is passionate about the impact the right outfit can have on our self esteem, confidence and emotional state. She also knows the impact that our image can have on how other people perceive us.
Did you know that within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone, up to 11 decisions are made of us based on how we look? So without saying a word we can be judged on such things as our level of competency, our income, education, sexual orientation, and if we are trustworthy or not.
What does your image say about you?
Are you presenting the right image of who you really are? Or is your image putting you in the back seat when in fact you want and should be, not just in the front seat, but the drivers seat!!
Enquire now about how an Image Workshop can empower your team by discovering the Power of Image, the Psychology of Fashion and how our wardrobe choices affect our businesses and ultimately our bottom line.
Libby also is passionate about supporting women in her one on one Personal Styling Sessions which she conducts at the exclusive Personal Shopping Suite at David Jones Sydney and Melbourne.