Our Vision

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Our Vision

It’s proven that ‘Women are Connectors’. Together with our Executive Women & Entrepreneurs, Young Future Women Leaders and Corporate Partners we focus on empowering women to empower women. Giving what we need to get what we want.
We engage in conversations that matter. Our exclusive events, workplace wellness programs and bespoke travel experiences offer a balance of inspiration, motivation and education. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect Executive Women & Entrepreneurs and Young Future Women Leaders  in a world where disconnect is becoming the ‘norm’.  As an LCW member, to share a sense of belonging to a community of like-minded women. 

We share in Oprah’s mantra ‘what you give comes back to you … that life is an energy exchange of giving and receiving, and the way to have what you want is to give what you need.’


Our Founders

Found by Libby Allaway and Jeromine Alpe in 2016, they have both brought over 30 years experience and expertise as entrepreneurs and corporate executives,  they continue to commit their careers to the empowerment of Executive Women, Young Future Women Leaders & Entrepreneurs.

They  believe in the positive power of women to share, collaborate and connect. To educate, inspire, and motivate women to live a happy balanced and successful life. A life they love.