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$avings on events, products and offerings

Receive pre-release invitations to exclusive social events, business breakfasts and bespoke travel experiences. Get access to member-only discounted products and offerings featured in our e-shop.

BizConnect Member Directory

Introduce yourself. Promote your business, products and services. Engage in conversation, collaborate and work jointly with LCW members, share and learn from each other’s experience.


Breakthrough Coaching Academy

Connect with the brightest minds through coaching & mentoring programs to achieve personal or professional goals. Grow your network, developing meaningful relationships with like-minded women through shared learning and experiences. 

Executive Thought Leaders Connect

An expert in your chosen field, your experience and expertise is of value to our members, clients and corporate partners. Register your interest as a member today.  

Community Giving

As a member of LCW you are making a difference to your community and the world around you, in a time of political, social and economic change.

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When you join or renew your membership, our gift to you is one additional 12 month membership to give to someone within your network that is looking to connect.