Building Inclusive Leadership

Empowering peak performance and engagement among your female employees at all levels of the organisation through the practice of work-life balance.

Why Let's Connect Women is Different

At LCW, we believe that the power of transformation and innovation is more than a one-off workshop. Our workshops are holistic, as we believe it is just as important to work on our personal side as our professional side. We believe in the power of women and our workshops are focussed on supporting women and their unique needs. Our speakers are women experts in their fields and come with years of experience, offering informative, fun and interactive opportunities for the women in your teams to learn and grow.

The right career development can be a competitive differentiator and enhance the feeling of value among staff.

Lisa Wilkinson speaking at the LCW David Jones Gala in March 2017.

Building Inclusive Leadership Masterclass

An essential skills-based masterclass customised for teams at all levels of the organisation.

Connect with your peers to grow your career for a greater future. Learn and share from each others’ experience and expertise and gain benefits of greater self-awareness. Understand your success profile, specific to your organisation, to develop as a high potential team. Enable positive and effective working relationships, set achievable and value-driven personal and professional goals.

Topics include:

  • Personal insights, strengths and development opportunities
  • Develop an understanding of individual differences to create positive working relationships
  • Handling difficult behaviours, people and situations
  • Effective problem solving skills
  • Communicating with confidence
  • Setting achievable and value-driven goals
  • Corporate styling (dress for success)
  • Optional extra: 5 steps to grow your leadership career *also available as a stand-alone masterclass