8 To Great

Empowering female excellence for happiness, innovation and peak performance

Why Let's Connect Women is Different

At LCW, we believe that the power of transformation and innovation is more than a one-off workshop. Our workshops are holistic, as we believe it is just as important to work on our personal side as our professional side. We believe in the power of women and our workshops are focussed on supporting women and their unique needs. Our speakers are women experts in their fields and come with years of experience, offering informative, fun and interactive opportunities for the women in your teams to learn and grow.

The right career development can be a competitive differentiator and enhance the feeling of value among staff.

Lisa Wilkinson speaking at the LCW David Jones Gala in March 2017.

 8 to Great Masterclass

LCW Circle of Life: The start of a happy, balanced AND successful life for peak performance

The Circle of Life represents the individual as a whole and each sector needs to be equal for us to live a happy, balanced and successful life both personally and professionally. 

“The number 8 represents infinity and everything good in the universe.” Workshops are conducted for 90 minutes over an 8 week period. After all, it takes 330 days to break a habit.

Topics include:

Empower your Female Genius: Inspire positive behavioural change and develop leadership skills and strategic effectiveness.

Business Etiquette
: Etiquette strategies to build confidence and professionalism to better represent yourself in the workplace.

5 Steps to Enhancing your Leadership Career:
 Strategies to grow your career for a greater future.

 Mindfulness techniques to strengthen self-awareness, compassion, focus, clarity, resilience and emotional intelligence.

Happy Body at Work: Build strategies around mood, energy, stress and sleep that positively impact performance at work and home.

Conflict Resolution: Techniques to manage conflict, communicate openly, negotiate productively and strengthen relationships.

Nutrition at Work:Strategies to improve diet, wellbeing, workplace productivity in an interactive, entertaining, educational impactful session.

A-Z of a Chic Image: Making mindful decisions about what we wear, what we think, what we say to ourselves and what we say to others, all those things that influence us in the most important aspects of our lives – who we are.